ATTENTION: Do you know that there are a lot of brand holders that promote brands online using social media marketing, one of the vital media for promotion. On the other hand, we have an Email Newsletter System that is one of the most effective modes by which we can directly reach our pointed audience that will enhance and drive more traffic that would boost sales, leads, and revenue. This will also increase the brand value and reduce the other problems stuff for you and your business.

Introducing KIT Global Digital Market Place….

Are You a Product/Service Creator? Let’s Help You Sell More Of Your Digital Products & Services To Our Over 250,000 Internet Business Minded Subscribers


If you become one of our vendors today. Here’s a list of what you would benefit


KIT Global collects the payments on your behalf, pays the affiliate and delivers the product to the buyer. And at the end of 7 days starting from the date the sales was made, the vendor receives his own commission.

KIT Global charges extra 10% of the total product cost. So, if your total cost of the product is $100, KIT Global will charge $10.

We have a 7-day refund policy on all products listed on our marketplace.

Please Note: This page is operated by KIT Global, LTD, LLC & NG LTD. Throughout this page, the terms “I” “we”, “us” and “our” refer to KIT Global, LTD, LLC & NG LTD.

How to register?
Firstly, registration is free but product/service approval is not free. It would cost you $500 per product/service per year to list your product on KIT Global Market Place subject to approval.

Please scroll down and use the "BECOME A VENDOR TODAY" buton to register after reading all the FAQS.

Once you are done with your registration, click on the "Submit your ad" button at the top of the site or at the menu area.
How does eMail marketing promotion works?
I understand you read something like eMail marketing promotion as part of the vendor benefits.

When you submit your product for review and one of the admins or moderators approves your product, will request a newsletter content from you, setup a campaign and send it to our internet business minded subscribers (2 times) in a month. If you want us to send more than (2 times) in a month then we are open for negotiation.

Note: This benefit alone is worth over $3k.

Can I list physical products
No. We are strictly for the sales and distribution of digital products and services only.
Withdrawal Method?
No. We are strictly for the sales and distribution of digital products and services only.
Can I sell high ticket product & services?
Yes. Provided you can prove the authenticity and genuinity of what you are offering.
Refund Policy?
We really strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our goal is to give you the tools and resources you need to succeed.

However, in case it does turn out that you’re not completely satisfied with one of our products, here is our refund policy for the product on this page.

Provided you submit your product, we approve it and then advertise to our email subscribers list. All payment made to KIT Global Digital MarketPlace is Final.

This simply means, we would only refund you if we reject your product or services and as well do not send your campaign to our email subscriber leads.

Please take note that we won't refund you for not making sales. Our subscribers are business minded people that are ready to buy your digital product & services.

However, it all depends on your offer and how you package them. If you package your offer very well and be able to prove the genuinity of your product. Then your sales would surely be gold!
Your Support Policy?
No worries, our support is topnotch, and we take care all of our customers with no one left out. Further, support policy can be found at
I have more question(s) not asked and answered here
No worries, please give us a knock at [email protected], and we would attend to your request ASAP.

We Pay All Our Eligible Vendor Every Week on Friday

Registration is free but getting your product or service reviewed and approved is $500.

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