From Our Several Endless Research, We Came Across Lots Of Methods!

Many were outright scams and it took me time and after series of falling for many, losing money before I was finally able to discover a permanent solution that works and without lying, doing anything shady or using a VPN or fake names, ID or address.

Before my discovery, the few genuine agencies I found asked me to pay whooping amount for just only payment gateway and bank account setup.

Not just that, and I was made to travel abroad in person as that was the first criteria for a bank account needed for linking payment gateways account can be opened.


THE ULTIMATE PAYMENT GATEWAYS FORMULA That Guides You How to Open Your LLC & LTD & Use It To Sign-up With Payment Gateways Like Stripe, Marketplaces and Banking Solution For Supported and Unsupported Countries’ Guide

With these guides, you don’t ever have to worry over….

1. Starting and crushing your cash pulling e-commerce and drop-shipping business because top-notch payment gateway service like Stripe is not available in your country, or you just need a PayPal alternative solution.

2. Starting a super profitable international affiliate marketing business like Clickbank, etc. again.

3. having a payment gateway that will allow you to send custom invoices for your products and services to your clients/customers via and the payment processed, so you can easily withdraw your funds into your bank account.

3. How to integrate stripe payment merchant account to your international marketplaces and e-commerce/drop-shipping online business stores using platform like Clickbank, Shopify, Woocommerce etc.

4. Being able to process high ticket payment if you’re into consulting or coaching business or scale your online business fast and high without risking shut down.


Oh Yea! 😮

I know a lot of people out there love proofs just like me.

Although I don’t like giving out proofs of a product/service that already proofs itself to work but let me quickly buzz your burble.

I already sold a lot of copies through some Internet Marketer’s Forum and here are brain-buster testimonials



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Even if you don’t own a business yet, you don’t need a foreign bank account yet, you need no gateway yet, you don’t need a foreign company yet, you can make more than 10x your money back by just teaching a friend, business owners or someone how to do the same-thing

It’s cheaper than the cost of sharwama, It is cheaper than paying someone $2k to do it for you but the impact is everlasting when you learn how to do it. No one can take away what you have already learned

Buy it now or pay more later: If you leave this page right now you will either buy it later at $2,000 or Lose more money and efforts when you continue using the free failure method seen online.

GO BIG! You’ve heard the saying: Go BIG or go Home. There’s no middle ground in business it’s either you are growing or you are not. With this course you would have what it takes to run and target your business to anyone in the world since you would be having access and not limited to foreign banking and powerful gateways..

HACK SUCCESS: There’s no shortcut in life but there’s FAST TRACK. So with my simple online payment guide you can FAST TRACK your success in life and in business too. I’ve done it for myself, I’ve done it for my clients, I have done it for companies and I’m about to do it for you too. IF YOU TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW!

So, are you ready to take advantage of this COVID-19 Pandemic lockdown and learn skills that could earn you money when all lockdown finally goes off?



Here Are The Things You Will Learn From Our USA (LLC) Package
$ $7
  • How to legally form and register a foreign USA LLC company, FREE EIN/Federal Tax ID – within a few minutes for $178 and have your fully approved certificate and reg number of formations sent to you via email within 7 working days. Your FREE EIN/Federal Tax ID will be issued to you via your email within 45 working days.
  • How to legally eliminate $300 annual tax fee and be paying just $15 annually only.
  • The type of ID and documents needed and how to certify and have them attested by relevant authorized body within minutes.
  • How to legally acquire a foreign business telephone line for $4.99/Year only.


Here Are The Things You Will Learn From Our UK (LTD) Package
$ $49 One-Off
  • How to legally form and register a foreign UK LTD company – within few hours for £30 only and have everything fully approved; certificate and reg number of formations issued to you via your email.
  • The type of ID and documents needed and how to certify and have them attested by relevant authorized body within minutes.
  • How to legally acquire a foreign business telephone line for $4.99/year and service address for FREE.
  • How to legally open foreign bank accounts like Payoneer, Transferwise e.t.c for your formed international company and link it up with your local savings/current/dorm bank account so you can easily withdraw your earnings.
  • Opening, Verifying and Withdrawing From Your Stripe Payment Gateway using your real detail and IDs – Use this my multi-tested fail-proof secret and you’ll not get a rejected or declined application ever again even if you’re living in banned, blocked, restricted or unsupported country. Just do the right thing which I reveal in the guide.
  • How to legally open another foreign bank account type different from the one up there with features like: Free Account Opening, Zero Minimum deposit, Zero Monthly Fees, Zero Overdreft Fees, Checking/Savings Account, Debit Card, Free Sending & receiving of ACH, Free Sending & receiving of Check, $5 Fee Sending of domestic Wires, Free Receiving of domestic Wires, $20 Fee Sending of international Wires, Free Receiving of international Wires, Robust company Tools and more. Only Available for USA LLC Company.
  • How to stay compliant and avoid getting your stripe payment gateway or market places accounts limited or banned especially when you scale your ecommerce and online business too fast.
  • How to withdraw your funds and earnings easily from your foreign bank accounts into your local bank accounts in your country without involving any risky and mostly unreliable third party or forex exchangers
  • Lists of recommended high risk and high tickets offers payment gateways for product launcher/creators, consultants, experts, coaches etc.

Please Note: This page is operated by KIT Global, LTD, LLC & NG LTD. Throughout this page, the terms “I” “we”, “us” and “our” refer to KIT Global, LTD, LLC & NG LTD.

Is $7 or $50 the entire cost of setting up my company
No. $7 or $50 covers the cost of the course, The Ultimate Payment Gateway Formula, which will teach you the information you need. You need extra $400 (or less) for LLC and extra $60 (or less) to DIY the company formation
How long will it take to set up from start to finish?
As for the (LLC) It takes a minimum of 1 day to register your LLC.

6 weeks 1 day  for an EIN via Fax (recent update due to COVID)

2 weeks for bank account approval after you get your EIN.

To get it faster you may need to pay extra

As for the (LTD) 

It takes a minimum of 1 day to register your LTD.

NO EIN Needed

2 weeks for bank account approval after you get your EIN.
How much will I pay in taxes?
The elephant in the room. To oversimplify this answer, you may or may not be required to pay taxes, you may only be required to file tax reports. As a non-resident, your tax status differs based on a couple of factors. You may or may not be eligible based on those criteria.
Why should I form a UK/USA company in order to be able to use stripe?
There are a lot of benefits for legally forming and doing business as in UK/USA

For example: If you are in a banned or unsupported country, it means that you won't be able to use stripe and you won't have access to any other gateways or foreign bank accounts that doesn't support your country as well.

Even if your country is currently supported and you are not in a very good country like UK, USA, Canada e.t.c then your application may still be rejected. Forming a UK or USA company also guarantees 95% of gateways and other banking solutions approval. It also gives you respect on almost anywhere you use your foreign company information to sign up and lot's more.

I have discovered that some of these gateways or websites has special features for business owners who registered as UK/USA e.g Payoneer, Stripe and PayPal.

The features and opportunity that would be given to you will be different from others if you register with them using your UK/USA information.

How did I know all these?

It is because I have tried them and I noticed the significant difference. Hardly will you see good reputable website not accepting sign ups from UK/USA business owners.

It is very legal to form a UK/USA company even if you are not a residence or citizen in as much as you have your country government issued ID
Is my country of residence supported for LLC formation and U.S Banks?
Most countries are allowed to form an LLC and get a US bank account.

Currently known unsupported countries for LLC/Bank Accounts are: Belarus, Burundi, Central African Republic, Cuba, DR Congo, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Nicaragua, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, Zimbabwe
Can you guarantee that I will get a bank account?
I cannot guarantee that Stripe or any of the recommended banks will for sure open and approve a bank for you. My job is to show you how. Each business is unique, so it completely depends on your business.
How will I get an SSN?
As non-residents, you can't legally get an SSN. Instead, you can apply for an EIN and use that for your business.
Will Stripe allow me open an account?
Please note that if your business falls under the restricted business list, I can't help you get an account. Click here to view the full list.
Can I use my company information to signup with other gateways like 2checkout, Braintree, Squareup, Clickbank, eBay and the likes?
Sure, you can even use it to signup with PayPal payment gate-way itself, my company is currently running a PayPal account using same information because most of our team are currently base in Nigeria, and we have legally formed our UK/USA company using same information I am going to reveal to you if you get your hands on this guide.

You can use these same information to open 2checkout, Braintree, Squareup, Clickbnak, eBay and the likes, but I am not giving you any guarantee on them. My guarantee is only on Stripe because I have tested most of the gateways like 2checkout, I am sorry to say that PayPal is even better than them when it comes to policy, so I do not advise you chose them as your main payment gateways but you could just make them one of your payment gateways. Do not rely on 2checkout at all.

Others like Braintree, Squareup, Clickbank, eBay and the likes are also good, but they do select whoever they feel they can do business with. Getting approved into them may be lucky. I can guide you on getting them approved you but I have no guarantee. My only guarantee is on Stripe, Bitpay and other foreign banks like Payoneer, Transferwise. e.t.c
I don't want to do it myself, can you do it for me instead?
We have an agency that can help you create your LLC. If you want our done for you service, then email us at [email protected] and we'll send you the pricing for that service.
Do I need a VPN/Windows VPS to be able to operate Stripe?
The answer is no, you do not need to hide any of your legal information. No need to use VPN/Windows VPS, in as much as you are doing legal work and most of your customers are happy with you for your delivery then your account is 100% safe.
Can I start selling high ticket product immediately?
The answer is No, because Stripe won't allow it because of high risk and charge back reasons. In fact, Stripe won't approve you if they notice high product price on your website and if they approve you and notice that you are selling high ticket product using your newly created account, it may cause you to lose the account forever.

My statement above doesn't mean you won't be able to sell high ticket product, you only need to make some sales and be able to prove to stripe that you are legit and not some bad eggs.

Your account would be good to receive high ticket sales with no issue once your Stripe account is old and has good reputation.

I am going to guide you all about that. Trust me!
Will I need to pay any ongoing fees?
Yes, you would need to. As with every business (which you are now a full fledged, registered business), there are ongoing fees required to keep you compliant and in good standing. The good news is that many of these are annual fees and are not required in your first year, which gives you time to earn the money. The fees vary. More inside the course
Can I transfer my money to my local bank account?
It depends on the bank option you choose. You'll have a couple of choices. Based on your location and business type, you can choose which one will work best. Some bank will allow direct wire, others require a few extra steps
Can you reduce the price?
$7/$50 is a steal for the wealth of information inside the course. If you can't afford it right now, you can always save a little more and come back later
Refund Policy?
We really strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our goal is to give you the tools and resources you need to succeed.

However, in case it does turn out that you’re not completely satisfied with one of our products, here are our refund policy for the product on this page.

In as much as you follow all our guide, and it doesn't work out for you and also be able to prove that you have followed all our guide and as well unable to provide further support for you after several times of contacting us.

We would refund you on or after 45 days. We are giving 45 days refund policy to ensure that you have followed our guide and further support, and it doesn't work for you.

Please take note that we won't refund you even a day before 90 days to our refund policy. You must wait till the 45 days starting from the day you bought our product.
Your Support Policy?
No worries, our support is topnotch, and we take care all of our customers with no one left out. Further, support policy can be found at
I have more question(s) not asked and answered here
No worries, please give us a knock at [email protected], and we would attend to your request ASAP.
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