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A Solo Ad is an email campaign that you can send to with our most responsive, targeted email list. Reaching out to truly interested individuals directly is the cornerstone of any successful internet promotion.

Every leads on our list are 100% Double opt in and are very active in looking for the right internet opportunity for them. This can equate to More Sales, Down line members, Affiliate sign-ups, Ezine subscribers, and more!

Single Solo Ad to 6,000 subscribers for $30 (₦12,000)

Single Solo Ad to 12,000 subscribers for $55 (₦22,000)

Single Solo Ad to 17,000 subscribers for $80 (₦32,000)

Single Solo Ad to 55,000 subscribers for $250 (Best Value! ) (₦100,000)

Sometimes it might take a person to see your offer 3 times or more to respond. So we’re offering 3x and 7x Solo Ad to the same group of leads at a HUGE DISCOUNT ! You can choose to have the same copy of the offer, or different copies of the same offer to the same group of leads. You can also decide the time interval between each copy of the ad to send.

3 x Solo Ad to 6,000 subscribers for $60 (₦24,000)

3 x Solo Ad to 12,000 subscribers for $110 (₦44,000)

3 x Solo Ad to 17,000 subscribers for $160 (₦64,000)

3 x Solo Ad to 55,000 subscribers for $500 (Best Value! ) (₦200,000)


Get in touch with us if you need custom ads plans and pricing


Purchase subscribers:

Your messages will be sent to our email subscribers.

Those interested in your offer can signup via the optin page link inside the message and become one of your subscribers. You will receive their full name and email address to establish communication with them directly depends on the type of fields on your optined page.

Purchase 25 Subscribers for $25 (₦10,000)

Purchase 50 Subscribers for $45 (10% Off) (₦18,000)

Purchase 100 Subscribers for $85 (15% Off – Best Value! ) (₦34,000)


We can also share you our email statistics of 12/04/2020 – 01/03/2021 that has the fields below

Domain Sent Opens Clicks Bounces Unsubscribes Complaints

If you are interested to see our statistics in csv format, or you have any custom work to discuss with us please scroll down to get our contact information.



Kitads is a network of carefully selected, highly talented, independently operated marketing & advertising agencies with digital DNA. We are the most extensive and authentic result-oriented ad-network that offers a customized package of features for every client with unique targeting capabilities, creative creation, optimization, quality traffic & ROI. Kitads is one of the leading players and well known in the industry for Performance Based Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, E-commerce marketing, Lead Generation, App Installation etc. Our USP is High-performance ROI ads with amazing optimization and advanced marketing strategy.



Kitkads is a creative agency, which was built to make big things happen online. We imagine, design, and build digital-first experiences that connect people with brands in real life. We help advertisers to connect with their target audience across multiple channels i.e. mobile, web & app through our technology, data, and services. Using thousands of unique proprietary data points, our technology is capable of making accurate monetary predictions, maximizing brand awareness and revenues. We are pioneers in providing technical solutions with innovations on the digital platform. With multiple international locations, campaigns in over 120 countries, and delivery partners in 75+ locales, Kitkads has the expertise and reach to exceed your expectations. Learn more

Disclaimer: In no way are we associated with Facebook. Once you leave Facebook the responsibility is no longer on any Facebook owned entity. Your privacy is 100% secure and will NEVER be shared. Facebook is in NO WAY associated with this website or anything here in.

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