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Notice 1: March Earnings update CLICK HERE to check the thread
Today 27th of April 2021

We reopen this BSO for same price even though it should be increased base on our previous update.

Now, this is going to be Time and Slot sensitive.

If you were unlucky the last time then here’s your lucky chance to be among the next 3 people to grab this offer at same price

Offer ends 2nd of May 2021

Notice 2: Dear BBHF, I am seizing this medium to thank over 260 BBHF Users that requested for the Email Marketing Free package. I am sorry to announce to every others that we have stopped giving out the FREE package as at today 03-18-2021, 12:06 AM. Please no need to comment/rep if you are requesting for the free package because we have stopped already. You may as well go for the Email Monetization Pro package, scroll down to read more info about it. Thanks for your understanding
The System is Called Email Monetization

Right before I discuss what the $8k+ system is all about plus how to get the “FREE” pdf I created myself on your journey to Email Monetization and start earning right away.

Let me tell you a short story…

I have been battling with some illness for over 6 months and hence I have been offline on BBHF since then. In fact, I was unable to take care of my business and for this reason 95% of my businesses got down.

In fact, I had lost a lot of business deals because of this and I was unable to offer support for my customers who bought my products.

During this period of time, one of my staff was only telling my customers about my situation and sometimes accepting orders she could handle.

While some wishes me well, some of my customers couldn’t be patient enough and they opened dispute on my PayPal/Stripe account (I do not blame them because it is not really easy for them too)

Glory be to my creator I bounced back earlier this year and came across Email Monetization.

It was really easy for me because email marketing is one of my best fields.

I applied with this site that allows you to add ads into your newsletters and in turn earns you money.

I was accepted and I earned $8k+ in One and Half Month which I am going to use the money to settle some of the negative balance on my merchant account although won’t be enough to settle all.

Today, I am going to show you all you need to know about this site.

…but why am I sharing this for FREE?

I am doing so to help people who are affected by the pandemic in order to stand again from their business breakdown.

Here’s what you would get inside this 100% FREE PDF GUIDE

=> Tools needed at hand before you sign-up with the site

=> The name of the site and how to signup with them

=> Similar question they could ask and also sample template you could use and answer those questions

=> Free ,Valid and highly responsive 25k+ USA leads you can start with

=> Video of how to perfectly create a very simple campaign + How to integrate the company ads into your newsletters.

=> The cloud software I am using to create the campaign plus how to have access to it for FREE

=>The type of news that converts well plus how and where to get hot news without paying any penny

=> How to withdraw your money via any of their 5 types of payment gateway.

=> How to avoid getting kicked out of their system

=> And lastly, to my best support.

This does not require much hard work once you get your account approved. It is not a go and come back system before you start seeing results.

The result is Instant!

Note: I shared this already on the VIP thread before which got over 80 requests but after 2 days it got deleted. I do not know who reported the thread, I do not know who deleted it but I have contacted lala and he’s trying to investigate who does that.

I guess it was deleted because some bitter minded people reported it because it has a paid offer inside it and I think which goes against BBHF 2020 rules which I was not aware.

I am just guessing anyways. 

Here’s how to get your free package.
1. Rate me 5 Start
2. Comment on this thread
3. And send me PM requesting for the package
Note: I shall verify the first 1 & 2 instructions before sending you the link.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to ask using the thread comment section.

P.P.S: All the free benefits listed on this thread are inside the free link you would get as I have fulfilled them there.

This system also has premium version but it is not mandatory you get the premium version because it is for specific people and you may not fall into such category. You would see the benefits of the premium version inside the free presentation guide.


PREMIUM OFFER (It is not mandatory you opt-in to the premium offer if you have all the requirements and you are not too busy to setup your PowerInbox)

Special Done for You Offer for 8 BBHF Users Only (Only 2 slot left, if taken then I short down BSO finally)

1. I am going to add you to my premium Email Monetization group

2. I am going to teach you the part of email marketing that would get you started with Powerinbox ASAP.

Explanation: The reason why I am offering this benefit is because of those who do not have or has little email marketing experience. If you know you have your way out concerning email marketing then this is not for you.

3. I will create a domain, build a news website and host it for you. And lastly add hot news website that would get your PowerInbox approved ASAP

Explanation: Yes, one of the requirements to get your PowerInbox approved is having your domain and news website ready. I am going to do this for you but if you know how to do it then you don’t need this benefit.

4. I will grant you access into my ready-made cloud Autoresponder Software plus how to use it to build your newsletters

Explanation: There’s a free video already regarding how to build newsletters but you can’t use our ready-made autoresponder cloud system to send out emails but if you go premium, then we would integrate it with email server and also send you video on how to use the system to send out your email.

5. I will build a bulk email server for you with the latest PMTA and dedicated 10 IP’s plus Integrate it with the ready-made cloud Autoresponder Software. (Please note that you would need to be paying $25/month for your email server)

Explanation: Oh yea, I shall completely setup email server for you with the latest PMTA software and then integrate it with the ready-made autoresponder cloud system but if you know to do this already then you do not need this benefit.

6. Introduce you to more Email/Website Monetization system

Explanation: Aside PowerInbox, I would also introduce you to more eMail/Website Monetization system.

7. Free Access to the CPA Bliss System (Worth $200)

Explanation: This system is perfectly working which you might not have come across and it is also an upcoming BSO which would cost $200 when it is launched here on BBHF. With just $10 ads, you could earn $120 – $180. This is currently very hot. I shall give you access to it for FREE.

8. I will give you 100k valid and responsive USA email leads. I have more than 10Million leads verified by

Explanation: Yaga, this is eMail Monetization and you need more leads to go earn bigger. So, in cause of this and aside the leads I gave you in the free packages, I would give you extra 100k valid leads to start with.

=> 30 Days Support: The counting will start as soon as your powerInbox account is approved and kickstart your email marketing Monetization journey.

Package Price: $1,700 but the first 5 people to opt-in can pay $500 only

N.B: This is not a complete done for you system because you would still need to signup yourself and communicate with PowerInbox representative(s) using the free templates inside the free packages.

But if you are Lazy or kinda be a busy Person then we can arrange a complete done for you package whereby we would help you get your PowerInbox approved for extra $100 only.

If you have more question concerning the premium offer please let me know.

Sign Off
Omni Knoweth

I wish you the best of luck!


Note: All transaction charges needs to be added.
If you have the requirements, the Free Email Monetization  BSO course is FREE,


I should have “completely” charged for this because it seems people do not value free things but I still wish you best of luck.

Happy Earnings

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