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eMail Monetization Course Hints.

Hello buddy,

Follow the steps below to quickly kickstart your eMail Monetization revenue journey.


1. The first thing you should do is to check the pdf called Email Monetization Package. Read and follow the instructions to signup with Powerinbox if you would love to get a Powerinbox account.


2. If you would also love to get an Inboxads account then proceed to watch the video called Inboxads Tutorial.mp4


Note: You need to first signup with either Powerinbox or Inboxads first before you proceed to the next step.


3. Once you are done with the steps above. Go ahead and watch this video Email Monetization – Newsletter creator.mp4. You need to learn how to create a special newsletter for the eMail Monetization system because that is what you would use for your campaigns and also where the ads codes will be added to.

4. Once you are done, go ahead and open Other Email Monetization FREE Package pdf file and read what is inside.




Let’s assume you have the free packages and follow all the necessary steps above and inside the video.


If you have paid for the premium and as well got delivered to you already then proceed below to what is next…


5. Check the EMAIL MONETIZATION PRO pdf file and read what is inside. You might come across some Q&A and as well link(s) that do not concern you, just ignore them and focus on the Q&A and link(s) that concerns you.


6. Proceed further to check the How to warm up a private-dedicated IP pdf file.


7. To warm up, you may use the Allan US Openers_0.csv leads provided to you as a bonus to warm up your IP(s). Make sure you follow the warm up guide as advised inside the number 6 hint above.


8. How to use Inboxdirector Autoresponder? Kindly request for the video and we would send you the link to watch and if you still do not understand after you have you have proved to us that you have watched the video, then we can arrange a live screen tutor via Anydesk for you.


9. How to copy ads codes? If signup with Inboxads, you have already created a zone and you are wondering how to get your ads codes.

1. Go here
2. Click on your newsletter
3. Then scroll down, under “Zone Name
You would see 600 x 300 and then 728 x 90
You should see Get Ad code beside each of the Zone
Once you click on “Get Ad code” then your code would be copied, and once copied please create a ticket or reply to your existing ticket again so that we can help you replace some tags and resend to you
You can paste the two codes inside a .txt file and send via ticket.


10. Adding ads codes to your campaign. Please download/watch the eMail Monetization – Adding ads codes to your campaign.mp4 file

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