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The Secret to Accepting Online Payments using Stripe and PayPal even if you live outside the U.S. and you’re not a U.S. Citizen
Sell what you want, to whomever you want, on autopilot all from the comfort of your home no ridiculous fees required.

Why do 65% of businesses fail in the first 5 years? Do you know?

According to Investopedia, the most common reasons small businesses fail include a lack of capital or funding, an inadequate management team, a faulty business model, and unsuccessful marketing initiatives.

Starting an online business from a developing country can be very difficult.

You wake up earlier than everyone else to work in the “golden time zones”
– EST, CST, PST and MST.

You watch all the Youtube videos and learn all the marketing tactics from your favourite guru.

You’re ready to implement everything they’ve sworn will work and then reality sets in

You quickly discover that to run a business you need to sell.

To sell you need to collect payments.

And to collect payments, well…

“We’re sorry but your location is currently unsupported at this time. Please fill the form to get notified when we are available in your location”

It’s been 6 months and the notification has not yet arrived.

How are you supposed to run an online business if you can’t even receive payments online?

You dust off your shoulders and tell yourself that you didn’t come this far just to quit. It’s not the first time you’ve hit a road bump on your way to success
At this point, some people get a bit clever and create some questionable workarounds

Everything seems fine at first until they get that dreaded email from PayPal with something along the lines of:

“Your account is currently under review due to unusual and suspicious activity. Please, provide the following documents…” 🙆🏽‍♀️

Well, that’s no surprise, because their U.S. PayPal account was set up with fake names, addresses, and details. Their money is frozen inside PayPal and they can’t verify their identity because everything was fake!

maybe one of these is you

FREELANCER: You sell your services online but besides Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer, you can’t really work anywhere else and you’re tired of depending on the platforms and their rules

ONLINE COACH: Or maybe a consultant. You want to sell your expertise to your clients but they have no way of paying you. You have to depend on direct bank transfers which don’t always work

DROPSHIPPER: You’re ready to start a drop-shipping business online but between blocked Shopify Payments and frozen PayPal account, it’s becoming near impossible

DIGITAL PRODUCTS: You’ve made ebooks, mini courses and online trainings but you’re currently limited to only selling through Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp


If you go with the first option (assuming you find someone you can trust in the U.S. who also understands the legal and financial implications of partnering with you), you’ll have to awkwardly ask for your money to be transferred each week or month.

Good luck growing a successful business using this method. If you go with the second option, then your customers are forced to prove they’ve paid you for work each time.

That’s how “proof screenshots” sent to emails were invented. If you intend to sell to many people, the last thing you want to do is to force each customer to

  • First do a bank transfer (and pay the transfer fees), then,
  • screenshot the receipt of the transfer, then,
  • send the screenshot to you, then,
  • wait for you to receive the money and verify that they’ve paid, and finally…
  • wait for you to grant them access to your course or service.

What If There Was A Better Way To Do Business And Receive Endless Payment Notifications Without The Unnecessary Headache

Today I’ve processed $4,653 USD via PayPal and $37,344 via Stripe with my digital products and services, since I started using both in March 2020

Creating my LLC has set my business up for exponential growth without limits and I want to help you do the same.

that’s why I’m so excited to introduce


The 100% legal step-by-step guide for global entrepreneurs ready to gain access to U.S. payment gateways and bank accounts without spending thousands of dollars or travelling to the U.S.
Perfect for service providers, coaches, consultants, digital product owners and even dropshippers

Consider this your one-stop shop to learn what you need to receive online payments from clients in any part of the world while having access to all the same tools and software that are available to U.S. entrepreneurs.


So, here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up:

Module 1: LLC Basics – Valued at $47
​Module 2: Formation Basics – Valued at $47
​Module 3: The Registration Process – Valued at $97
Module 4: Getting a U.S. Bank – Valued at $197
​Module 5: Payment Processors Setup – Valued at $67
​Module 6: Finance and Tax Basics – Valued at $97
​BONUS 1: LLC Secrets PDF – Valued at $17
​Bonus 2: Student Only Partner Discounts – Valued at $97
​Bonus 3: FAQ Vault – Valued at $37

Bank Account + Debit Card
Easily open a U.S. bank account without physically travelling to the U.S. I also show you how to get a debit card mailed directly to you with ease so you use for your business expenses



In this video course, you’ll Learn:

1. What content creation is about
2. How to generate content ideas non stop
3. How to plan your content
4. Common social networking platforms and how to adapt your content to fit
5. Planning your content using content calendar
6. Content Branding (How to brand your content)

After this video course, you’ll be able to:

1. Generate content ideas non-stop
2. Plan your content easily
3. Know the best kind of content to create and how to adapt them to fit social platforms
4. Plan your content using a content calendar
5. Perfectly brand your business and content

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